Customer letters from across the Northwest


Tumwater Roofing Review ~ Randell

I have enjoyed the new roof you have installed for almost a year now, and I want to say I am so pleased with it.  Best of all it was recognized in my taxes and that was especially nice.

I have to admit, I have the best looking roof in my neighborhood and it is permanent.

Mary Randell
Tumwater, Washington

Bremerton Roofing Review ~ Stennett

"No Worries", may be an "in" thing to say now days, but for us it is a reality for the next 50 years!  This summer, we didn't worry about the bottle rockets landing on our roof.  This fall, we won't worry about the shingles blowing off in the next 60 plus mile an hour wind.  This winter we won't worry about the snow.  And in the spring, we won't worry about the moss growing on on our roof.  If you are thinking you want a roof like ours, no worries about the bremerton-wa-roofing-reviewsalesman pressuring  into something you don't want.  They were very professional and nice.  Everything they promised was delivered exactly as they promised.  You will also have no worries when it comes to the installation, as they too were very professional and left the yard just as they had found it. No worries also when it comes to our carbon footprint, as our existing roof is still on our roof and not in a landfill and when the day comes to replace this roof it is recyclable. They really should rename the Interlock Roofing to No Worries Roofing.

"No Worries" in Bremerton


Harold and Martha Stennett
Bremerton, Washington

Seattle Roofing Review ~ Cabacungan

Dear Interlock Roofing:

seattle-wa-roofing-reviewThank you for you time and kindness with working with us. The time it took to put on the roof was efficient and quickly done. Your workers were fast, and on the job. They took a couple days to do both our roof of our house and the roof of our second garage. This Interlock Roofing was a great investment on our house. We get plenty of compliments from our neighbors telling us how nice our roof looks. The quality of the roof is also great. It looks very durable and reliable when it comes to heavy rains and winds. We also like the style of the roof and how it goes nicely with our house and surroundings. It was nice working with your company and we hope the best for Interlock Roofing in the future.

Thank you,

Max and Rosemarie Cabacungan
Seattle, Washington

Shoreline Roofing Review ~ Dawson

Thanks for a very positive roofing experience!

Our new roof is so beautiful we're thinking of charging a fee to all the gawking neighbors that stop by to admire it!!!

This was fun, positive experience from start to finish. Our sales rep spent three hours at our home going over every possible detail with us. He was knowledgeable, friendly and answered all our questions. As you can see by the pictures we have a pretty basic roof. There was no tear off to do; still, our three installers were 80% done on the very first day! Everything was done and cleaned up to our satisfaction by the end of day two. Our installers were friendly, courteous and hard working. I watched them for a few minutes as they all worked like a finely tuned machine installing our roof in perfect rhythm.

shoreline-wa-roofing-reviewFor us, Interlock meant that the third time was the charm. We'd tried to do business with two other companies. The first took a large amount of money as a down payment and gave absolutely no customer service for two months. We got our money back and started over. The second company gave an inaccurate bid. Needless to say, we entered into this contract with some trepidation. interlock is a fabulous company and we'd recommend them to anyone in the market for a new roof!


R & L Dawson
Shoreline, Washington

Lynnwood Roofing Review ~ Kurin

We are writing this letter to show our appreciation for the wonderful job that was done on our roof. From the date your company representative met with us in our home to the date of completion, words cannot express how completely satisfied we are with your company, We definitely wanted a quality roof and were very impressed by the representation that was given to us. The product you provide was enough for us to make our decision, however it was a huge plus not to have to deal with a pushy salesman and to have such polite, friendly and hard working men providing the service.

lynnwood-wa-roofing-reviewIt was a pleasure to have them around our home. The quality, craftsmanship and lifetime warranty of this roof far outweighs the increased costs over other roof systems. However, other roof systems don't come with lifetime warranties and many only last for 8 to 10 years. We may have paid a little more initially, but how wonderful it is to know we will never have to re-roof our home again.

And in addition to all of the above, it looks so beautiful and has added so much style to our home. I never dreamed a roof could make such a difference. Again, Thank you so much and be sure to know we will highly recommend your company to all of our family and friends.

Howard and Kurin
Lynnwood, Washington

Oak Harbor Roofing Review ~ Braaten

Dear Interlock Industries, Inc.

First I would like to say Thank you to your roofers Alex and Aven for a job well done on the installation of my new Interlock aluminum alloy slate roof in Tudor brown. Both men were here each day and worked diligently and conscientiously making sure that each step of their work was done to the highest expectations and meticulous at each step of the process and answered any questions that I had. In addition as they worked on different sections of the roof they were as quiet as possible for my daughter works nights at a local hospital and sleeps during the day.

What a difference in curb appeal my Interlock roof has made to my house. It really stands out on the street and is a a lot quieter then the old cedar shake roof of 30 years. I am also most pleased with Interlocks high quality features, durability, and appearance during a recent rain shower and is maintenance free.

oak-harbor-wa-roofing-reviewThe solar skylight installed with my new roof has made my upstairs hallway brighter. I love it.

I would also like to thank Mr. Glen Caldwell for coming out from Seattle and showing me the Interlock Roofing System, as the choice was mode easier by his presentation, and Heather for helping me with securing the container and for being patient while I got my financial situation in order.

And finally, I would like to thank Alex and Aven for looking over my new Interlock roof one last time and making sure all roof debris was picked up and in the big container.

Thank you I am very happy with my new roof.

Chrystyne Braaten
Oak Harbor, Washington

Gig Harbor Roofing Review ~ Lawrence

I recently had an Interlock roof system installed on my home the last week of April 2007. I am extremely pleased with my new roof. It looks awesome. The installers had quite a challenge working around the weather that week. They were only off by about 3 hours from the time they said they would finish. That in itself is remarkable considering the heavy rains they had to contend with. They were hard workers and very polite. They cleaned up their gig-harbor-wa-roofing-reviewindustrial mess as well as some of my own winter mess. My experience with Interlock Industries from the initial phone call, to the sales representative as well as the installers was like working with old friends. I would recommend Interlock Industries and their products to anyone without hesitation. I do not make referrals often, because I feel my word of recommendation is a sacred trust. I rate my experience A+ with Interlock. I know I am going to enjoy my new roof for a long time.

H. Gene Lawrence
Gig Harbor, WA

Bremerton Roofing Review ~ Thornburgh

Dear Interlock Folk.

bremerton-wa-roofing-reviewWe are DELIGHTED with our new roof! The day after it was completed, we had a windstorm. It was so wonderful to wake up knowing there would be no shingles in the yard or loose shingles on the roof. And it is BEAUTIFUL! We see lots of people stopping to gaze at it. Our home truly looks like a cottage now. We cannot thank you enough for the superb product and the exceptional installers. Thanks again.

Linda and Gerry Thornburgh
Bremerton, Washington

Tacoma Roofing Review ~ Shulich

This is to advise that our Interlock Roofing System was completed on Monday, March 26.

tacoma-wa-roofing-reviewWe have had many compliments from neighbors and friends on the attractiveness of the roof. And we are very pleased with the finished product. The installers were very efficient and left no debris. The project was completed in just a few days and we are quite confident that we will enjoy not having to worry about our roof as long as we stay in the house.

Thank you for providing such a nice product.


Esther and Ralph Shulich
Tacoma, Washington

Oak Harbor Roofing Review ~ Palmer

Letter of Recommendation

The installation of our Interlock Roof System was completed this week to our total satisfaction and expectation! The compliments of our new roof are just beginning to be received. Your installation crew of three young men, headed by Peter, are to be commended as they did an outstanding job of removing the old shingle roof, sheeting the roof surface with 1/2" CDX plywood prior to installing the interlocking aluminum panels of Tudor Brown.

oak-harbor-wa-roofing-reviewOur 3,000 sq. ft. home has numerous hips and valleys making it a more complicated roofing system than normal, but your installation crew was able to complete the project within ten working days. The crew's work ethic elicited several admiring comments from neighbors.
One comment was, 'lt would be difficult to find a more hard working and thorough crew than what you had working on your home". We also appreciated the fact that the crew left the premises orderly after each day's work and completely removed all debris when the project was completed.

The entire process from the visit of your sales representative, Glen Caldwell, to the work phase of the installation crew was done most professionally. The end product is a roof that reflects quality and one that we will not have to replace in our lifetime. Thank you.


Denton Palmer
Oak Harbor, Washington

Seattle Roofing Review ~ Richard

When my husband Richard said he wanted to put a metal roof on this 1929 English Tudor house, I thought he had gone around the bend, maybe several bends.

After seeing the pictures and hearing about the features, I started to become a convert. Now that the job is down, I know that we made the right decision for several reasons.

seattle-wa-roofing-reviewFirst, the black Interlock shingles look so appropriate on this house. In certain lights it even appears to look like slate. Many neighbors and friends have commented on how very attractive it looks,

Secondly, the workmen did such a professional job. They were meticulous at each step of the process and, we are confident, that their craftsmanship was excellent. Each day that they were here they worked diligently and conscientiously making sure that every step of their work was done to the highest expectations. In addition, they were quiet and tried not to interrupt our daily routine.

Third, we are most pleased about all the high quality features of the product: the durability, the appearance, and the fact that it is maintenance free.

Thank you for making the excellent product.


Susan and Richard
Seattle, Washington

Issaquah Roofing Review ~ Justin

issaquah-wa-roofing-reviewThanks so much for improving the appearance of our home. The difference from before to after is spectacular. It was also nice to have Interlock install gutters as we did not have them before. The job was done quickly (within a week), and the clean up was amazing!!Having had numerous problems with roofers in the past and not having much trust in roofers, It was a pleasure to work with you and have such an easy process with no hassle and a fabulous product to have for 40 years!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


Jennipher and Justin
Issaquah, Washington

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