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BBB Complaint Free Award 2012


BBB (Better Business Bureau) ® of Chicago and Northern Illinois Recognizes Interlock® Industries (Midwest) Inc. with “BBB Complaint Free Award” for 2012

Certificate commemorates one full year of no complaints

Chicago, Illinois, March 1, 2013

Interlock Industries (Midwest) Inc. is proud to announce that the Chicago and Northern Illinois chapter of the Better Business Bureau has awarded our company a coveted “Complaint Free” Certificate for 2012.

bbbAccording to Mark Wenzel, President, “receiving this certificate from the Better Business Bureau is a real honor for me. Continued and distinguished Membership in the BBB reflects our commitment to customer service and providing our customers with the best metal roofing we can give them. I now look forward to earning the “2013 Complaint Free” certificate.

About Interlock Industries (Midwest) Inc.

Interlock Industries (Midwest) Inc. has provided thousands of homeowners in the Midwest with attractive and lifetime aluminum metal roofing, available in many styles and colors. Profiles include Shingle, Shake, Tile, and Slate.

Aluminum metal roofing does not have the limitations common to many other conventional roofing materials, which can include rot, splitting, cracking, frequent replacement, and landfill disposal. And, studies have shown that homes using metal roofing are much cooler in the summer and therefore have significantly reduced air-conditioning expenses.

Metal roofing systems are widely used worldwide, and are gaining market share in North America as concerns mount regarding the environment and the use of petrochemicals in traditional “remove and replace” roofing products. Aluminum can be recycled, and is therefore a sustainable and environmentally responsible product.

The “Interlock” refers to the manner in which the aluminum slate and shingle roofing tiles are installed. All four sides are interlocked to form an extremely strong roofing system that resists all kinds of extreme weather conditions, including high winds, Sun Belt exposure, driving snow, and heavy rains.


UL Certification 2218 Class 4

UL Certification 2218 Class 4 - A Milestone for Metal Roofing.

Interlock Roofing Ltd. announces the successful completion of benchmark tests meeting the standard of Underwriters Laboratory Standard 2218 Class 4, Impact Standard for Impact Resistance of Prepared Roof Covering Materials.

ul-logoAccording to Gordon Warren, Product Manager, surpassing this quality standard is milestone for endurance that all manufacturers of quality metal roofing components hope to achieve. We have invested tremendous efforts to ensure our products can deal with all kinds of impact resistance scenarios, including hail. This ruling applies to three of our key product profiles… shingle, shake and tile. Our team is most pleased to present our products to the public with the assurances that UL 2218 confirms. Some homeowners with metal roofing systems meeting UL 2218 can actually qualify for deductions on their homeowners insurance.

Energy Star® Compliant Roofing

Interlock Roofing Ltd. Announces Energy Star® Compliant Roofing Products.

Energy Star® Partnership recognizes Leadership in Manufacturing of Energy-Saving Roofing materials.

Vancouver, British Columbia, September 2008

Interlock Roofing Ltd. is proud to announce that their family of lifetime metal roofing systems are now Energy Star® compliant.

energy-star-ratedAccording to Mark Wenzel, President, “Becoming an Energy Star® Partner is very exciting for our company, and acknowledges this company’s leadership in producing lifetime roofing products that are environmentally responsible. Studies have shown that depending on geography and climatic conditions homeowners can save up to 40% of annual air conditioning bills. This is a roof that can actually pay for itself in reduced energy costs over time. Being made from recycled and recyclable products, Interlock® Lifetime Roofing is an environmentally sustainable roofing solution.”

Slate Styled Aluminum Roofing

New Slate styled aluminum roofing has the look of traditional slate roofing
without the heavy weight.

Sept. 17, 2005 / PRNewswire / -- Interlock Industries, Inc. has announced the introduction of an aluminum slate roofing system.

Interlock Slate RoofingAccording to Mark Vance, Director of Marketing - The Interlock Group - the aluminum slate "is designed to appeal to those who want the elegance and longevity of a slate style roof without having to deal with the heavy weight of traditional slate products. In many cases, this roofing can be installed directly over top of an existing roof, saving the costs of tear off and the environmental problems associated with disposal. We are extremely excited to offer this product to homeowners. Our initial response in the New England market has been excellent." 

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