Why Aluminum

Deposits of bauxite ore are mined and refined into alumina--one of the feedstocks for aluminum metal. Then alumina and electricity are combined in a cell with a molten electrolyte called cryolite. Direct current electricity is passed from a consumable carbon anode into the cryolite, splitting the aluminum oxide into molten aluminum metal and carbon dioxide. Aluminum came into commercial use during the late 19th century.

aluminum-chassisImmediately aluminum became known as a "metal of the future" and allowed for crucial developments to occur in the field of aviation and architecture, to name a few. In particular, aluminum allowed metal to be utilized for applications requiring lightness, design versatility, and incredible strength and durability.

Because it is easily recycled, it also meets the tests of environmental responsibility.

As a premier metal, aluminum is our choice as the backbone of The Interlock Roofing series of products. We are proud to offer this to our customers and know that should you choose our product and services, you will be satisfied with your new roof for many years and decades to come.

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See properties of aluminum below to learn more:

Incredibly Strong
Aluminum has been proven to perform in tough weather conditions for over a century in all kinds of applications.
At between 50 to 70 lbs. per square for the aluminum Interlock Roofing System, An Interlock Roof system is significantly lighter than any other conventional roofing products on the market today.
Aluminum keeps its toughness down to very low temperatures, without becoming brittle like carbon steels.
Aluminum dissipates heat very quickly (taking foil out of the oven is a good example). Thus, your roof cools down quickly in the evening during the summer months.
Aluminum is completely recyclable.. even the scrap produced on the job site is recycled.
Aluminum is highly resistant to weathering, even in industrial atmospheres, which often corrode other metals.
The Metal of Choice...
- The Rolls Royce body panels are made from aluminum!
- Boeing aircraft chassis are made from aluminum!
- At the turn of the century Aluminum was used to cap the Washington Monument!


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